Beneficiation of Phosphates IX

An ECI Conference Series

June 2022 TBA

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About This Conference

Phosphate mining is one of the world’s largest mining industries in terms of value of production and annual tonnage. However, papers on phosphate mining and mineral processing are usually rare at most of the major mining as well as mineral processing conferences, both locally and internationally.  The Beneficiation of Phosphates conference has been established as the only conference of international significance focusing on phosphate mineral processing. 

Phosphate ore is not only the source of an essential nutrient (P) for plant growth, but it also contains substantial amounts of elements critical to developing green energy for the future. Uranium in phosphate deposits account for 88% of the unconventional U resources, while rare earth elements (REEs) in phosphate deposits represent hundreds of years of current world demand for these vital elements.  Beneficiation of Phosphates IX will devote at least two sessions to comprehensive recovery of P and other values from phosphate ore, such as U, REEs, F, Mg, Th, and I. 

Phosphate mining and processing generate two major waste streams, waste clay and phosphogypsum, in huge quantity.  These wastes are becoming significant financial and environmental liabilities for the industry, and they present a public perception problem as well.  Naturally, utilization and treatment of these wastes will be one of the focuses of this conference, with two sessions tentatively scheduled, one on waste tailings in general and another on phosphogypsum in particular.  

Other important issues to be discussed include flotation efficiency, flotation reagents, dolomite separation techniques, reduction of silica content, on-line analysis and process control, novel processing techniques and machinery, and hydrometallurgical processes. 

In summary, Beneficiation of Phosphates IX will cover the following topics:

• Flotation fundamentals and development of new reagents
• Physical and bio separation techniques
• Beneficiation of carbonaceous phosphates
• Separation of silica and silicates from phosphate
• Processing of low-grade phosphates
• Analysis and process control
• Equipment and process development
• Advances in phosphoric acid manufacturing
• Phosphoric acid purification and uses
• Comprehensive recovery of critical and useful elements from phosphate
• Phosphogypsum purification and utilization
• Sustainable development and the environment.

Conference Organization

Conference Chair and Co-chairs

Patrick Zhang, Chair, Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research Institute, Florida Poly, USA

Erika Rova, Co-Chair, Yara, Finland

Jan Miller, Co-Chair, University of Utah, USA

Marius Porteus, Co-Chair, Fosko, South Africa 

Laurindo Leal Filho, Co-Chair, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ewan Wingate, Co-Chair, Bechtel Australia Pty Ltd  

Andre Carlos Silva, Co-Chair, Federal University of Goiás (UFG), Brazil 

International Advisory Committee Members

Hassan Al Baghdadi, Maaden, Saudi Arabia

Guven Akdogan, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Tariq Al fariss, King Saudi University, Saudi Arabia

Igor Barmin, EuroChem, Russia

Ruan Chi, Wuhan Institute of Technology, China

Charles Guan, Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC, USA

Andrew James, Phosphate Australia Limited, Australia

Pieter Jacobs, Foskor, South Africa

Elves Matiolo, Centro de Tecnologia Mineral, Brazil

Lucas Moore, ArkemaArrMaz, USA

Brij Moudgil, University of Florida, USA

Jaisen Kohmuench, Eriez Magnetics, USA

Hamid Mazouz, OCP Group, Morocco

Jorgen Stenvold, Yara International ASA, Norway

Tibaut Theys, Prayon Technologies, Belgium

Salah Al-Thyabat, Al-Hussein BinTalal University, Jordan

Xiang Yang, China University of Geosciences, China

Zeqiang Zhang, Wuhan Institute of Technology, China

Conference Outline

Session 1 – Critical Materials from Phosphate

Session 2 – Flotation I: Reagents and Chemistry

Session 3 – Tailings Management and Utilization

Session 4 – Flotation II: Process and Equipment

Session 5 – Phosphoric acid Manufacturing and Purification

Session 6 – Phosphogypsum Management and Utilization

Session 7 – Innovations and Technological Breakthroughs 

Call for Abstracts

One-page abstracts should be submitted as soon as possible and no later than the deadline noted below. The abstract should include both the significance of the research as well as results that will be discussed in order to allow a scientific assessment of the work by the organizers. Please indicate the most relevant session topic to which you are submitting your abstract. At this time, we are not calling for poster abstracts. 

All abstracts should be submitted electronically and submissions must follow the template provided at this link.

Deadline for abstracts:                     December 15, 2021

Venue Information

Coming soon.

Technical Excursion

A tour of Yara’s unique phosphate mining, beneficiation and chemical processing operations in Siilinjärvi is planned following the technical sessions.  More information will be available in the coming months.

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Kevin Korpics ( (+1-212-514-6760) should be contacted for invoicing and other questions. Please make checks payable to: 

Engineering Conferences International 
Attn: Beneficiation of Phosphates Conference 
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