Polymer Reaction Engineering XII

June 1 – 6, 2025
Clearwater Beach, Florida

Conference Organization

Ivan Konstantinov, The Dow Chemical Company

Piet Iedema, University of Amsterdam

Mike Grady, Axalta Coating Systems

About this Conference

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Previous Conferences in this Series

Polymer Reaction Engineering
March 10-15, 1991 – Santa Barbara, California
Conference Chairs:
Charles Cozewith, Exxon Chemical, USA
Charles Barren, Clemson University, USA

Polymer Reaction Engineering II
February 13-18, 1994 – Palm Coast, Florida
Conference Chairs:
Eugene P. Dougherty, Rohm & Haas, USA
Joseph Schork, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Polymer Reaction Engineering III
March 16-21, 1997 – Palm Coast, Florida
Conference Chairs: 
Kyu Yung Choi, University of Maryland, USA
Dr. Michael E. Muhle, Exxon Chemical, USA
Michael Cunningham, Xerox, USA

Polymer Reaction Engineering IV
March 19-24, 2000 – Palm Coast, Florida
Conference Chairs: 
Michael Cunningham, Queens University, Canada
K.W. Leffew, DuPont Central R&D, USA
K.B. McAuley, Queens University, Canada

Polymer Reaction Engineering V
May 18-23, 2003 – Quebec City, Canada 
Conference Chairs: 
Joao B.P. Soares, University of Waterloo, Canada
Rafael Galvan, Johnson Polymer, UK
Robin A. Hutchinson, Queen’s University, Canada

Polymer Reaction Engineering VI
May 21-26, 2006 – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Conference Chairs: 
Robin A. Hutchinson, Queen’s University, Canada
Michael Muhle, ExxonMobil Chemical Co., USA
Alexander Penlidis, University of Waterloo, Canada

Polymer Reaction Engineering VII
May 3-8, 2009 – Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Conference Chairs: 
Alexander Penlidis, University of Waterloo, Canada
John R. Richards, DuPont, USA
Marc A. Dube, University of Ottawa, Canada

Polymer Reaction Engineering VIII
May 6-11, 2012 – Cancun, Mexico
Conference Chairs: 
Marc A. Dube, University of Ottawa, Canada
Marco Villalobos, Cabot Corp., USA
Eduardo Vivaldo-Lima, UNAM, Mexico

Polymer Reaction Engineering IX
May 10-15, 2015 – Cancun, Mexico
Conference Chairs: 
Eduardo Vivaldo-Lima, UNAM, Mexico
Jon Debling, BASF, USA
Fernando Zaldo-Garcia, COMEX, Mexico
John Tsavalas, University of New Hampshire, USA

Polymer Reaction Engineering X
May 20 – May 25, 2018 – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Conference Chairs: 
John Tsavalas, University of New Hampshire, USA
Fouad Teymour, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
Jose R. Leiza, University of the Basque Country, Spain
Jeffrey Stubbs, HP Inc., USA

Polymer Reaction Engineering XI
December 11-15, 2022 – Scottsdale, Arizona
Conference Chairs:
Timothy McKenna, Université de Lyon, France
Markus Busch, Darmstadt, Germany
Jay Reimers, Exxonmobil Chemicals, USA
Brian Greenhalgh, Exxonmobil Chemicals, USA
Claudia Sayer, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Robin Hutchinson, Queen’s University, Canada
Joe Schork, Georgia Tech, USA
Jose Ramon Leiza, University of the Basque Country, Spain
John Tsavalas, University of New Hampshire, USA

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The format of the conference provides morning and late afternoon or evening sessions in which major presentations are made. Poster sessions will be scheduled for evening discussion as well. Available time is included during the afternoons for ad hoc meetings, informal discussions, and/or recreation. This format is designed to enhance rapport among participants and promote dialogue on the development of the meeting. We believe the conferences have been instrumental in generating ideas and disseminating information to a greater extent than is possible through more conventional forums.

All participants are expected both to attend the entire conference and to contribute actively to the discussions. The recording/photographing of lectures and presentations is forbidden. As ECI conferences take place in an informal atmosphere, casual clothing is the usual attire.

Smoking is prohibited at ECI conferences and conference functions.

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