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An abstract is required. It should state clearly the objectives of the study and should present salient conclusions in approximately 50 words.

This manual has been prepared in the format that should be used for the preparation of manuscripts.

The Proceedings from this ECI Conference will be prepared from camera-ready copy received from authors. All copy must be clearly and accurately prepared on a word processor on good quality, plain, white paper. Use either 8.5″x11″ or international A4 paper.

Margin settings will depend on your word processing program and paper size. Imagine a “box” that would contain any element of your paper that should be reproduced (text, figures, tables, captions): the width should not exceed 5.75″ (14.5 cm) and the height should not exceed 9″ (22.5 cm). Try to “fill” your imaginary “box” on each page. Leave at least 1″ (3 cm) top and bottom margins.

Margin Settings

8.5 x 11 paper
A4 paper
3.5 cm
3.5 cm
3.25 cm
3.25 cm

Use a letter quality or laser printer. All text must be single spaced. Arial 11 has been used in the body of this document and Arial 14 bold for the title. Please use a similar font. Double space between paragraphs. Please do not switch typeface families within a document.

Major headings are typed in bold capitals. They start at the left-hand margin on a separate line. Skip a line above and below any major headings.

Secondary Headings
Secondary headings are typed in initial capitals (bold), start at the left-hand margin and on a separate line. Skip a line above and below secondary headings.

Place the title of the paper on the first page of the manuscript two inches below the top of the page. Use bold capitals for the title with the size of the lettering slightly larger than that in the text. If you have a long title, please consider a Title:Subtitle format.

The full name(s), current employment, including address of the author(s) must be given below the title. An abstract of the paper and the start of text should appear on the first page.

Pertinent, clear illustrations enhance an article and often save words. It is imperative that all drawings and all lettering on illustrations be checked with great care before submission. Drawings should be done on the computer or be made on white paper with black waterproof drawing ink and mounted on the numbered page where they are to appear in the text. Glossy photographs of drawings or charts are preferred if you have not used a computer to generate them. Otherwise, the original art work must accompany the manuscript.

Only absolutely essential illustrative photographs should be used. Because reproducing photographs is expensive, they must be kept to a minimum. For proper reproduction, photos should be clear, glossy, black-and-white prints, with good contrast. Since photos are reproduced by a process sensitive to markings and creases, avoid marking on the face of the photo, writing or typing on its back, bending or folding, or using paper clips, tape or staples. A figure number and the author’s name on the border is all that is necessary.

Please note that if a figure or photograph has been published previously, it will be necessary for the author to obtain written approval from the original publisher for the ECI to reprint the figure or photograph. A sample form is included as an Adobe pdf file .

To denote proprietary items, use the initial cap, upper case: Teflon, Ivory, Xerox

To denote companies who have an acronym as their name, use the same approach: Abacor, Tytel, Exxon. There are instances where initials make up a company name, and we use those: NL Industries.

Use only standard symbols, abbreviations, and units of measure in text and illustrations. Symbols used through the paper should be listed under the major heading NOTATION and should follow the ACKNOWLEDGMENT, but come before REFERENCES. These should not be inserted into the body of the report.

List and number all bibliographical references at the end of the paper under the major heading REFERENCES. When referring to them in the text, type the corresponding reference number in parentheses, and underline it, e.g., Smith and Jones (1). Make certain to underline this number. Number the references in order of appearance. Do not double space between each reference. When there are three or more authors, use et al in the text, but not in the References list.

Writers are cautioned to give complete information about books and authors and to check spelling and dates carefully before submitting the mats.

Please provide a separate sheet with a listing of approximately ten key words that should be used to index the paper.

The enclosed Transfer of Copyright as an Adobe pdf file must be completed by the author and submitted with the manuscript. No paper can be included in the Proceedings unless a Transfer of Copyright form has been received at the Engineering Conferences International.

We will return any paper that exceeds the number of pages (including text, tables and illustrations) established by the conference chair.

By the deadline established for manuscripts for this conference, the author must send the following:

  1. Signed and dated Copyright Transfer form
  2. Complete hard copy printout of the manuscript, including all illustrations. Electronic PDF file of the manuscript.
  3. Any permission to reprint forms you may have needed

Should you have questions about items not mentioned, first check the ASCE website as the ECI will accept their answers to questions posed. Should these instructions not be clear, go to,–Editors/Books/General-Book-Information/Editor-s-Guide-for-TCLEE-Monographs/.

One of the authors must present the paper in person at the conference in order for the paper to be included in the conference proceedings.

Please send a black-and-white hard copy printout. The printout has two major functions: (1) it should match the electronic files so that we can be sure that the information is reproduced correctly, and (2) it serves as a back up original. Occasionally there are problems in converting electronic files and if this is the case, the paper will be scanned and reproduced in black-and white.

Please carefully proofread all of your manuscript!

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